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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SolidFunding?

We provide a unique opportunity. We enable you to trade genuine capital instantly, without any obligatory waiting period and a fair profit-sharing arrangement. You have the potential to receive funding up to $5 million without undergoing a trading challenge, without bearing responsibility for losses, and with a profit split of up to 90%.

Do you refund the Account fees?

Refunds are applicable to profitable traders and are processed automatically with the 5th profit spilt. However, refunds will not be issued before that point due to the firm's incurred costs.Understanding the firm's rules and regulations is crucial before buying an account, as fees are non-refundable in the event the trader changes their decision purchase.

What are the features in the roadmap?

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How does SolidFunding makes money?

Our fee covers account establishment, licensing costs, administrative overhead, the use of analytics software, and a portion of the profit share.

As a professional proprietary firm, our income is derived from skilled and dependable traders who proficiently handle our funds. The trading capital supplied by our investors is supervised by our in-house trading team and skilled traders we emulate. Our primary focus is on identifying profitable traders and forming enduring partnerships with them.

The rule states that the profits of your best trading day should be no more than 20% of your total profits

Example: If your Payout is $10,000, make sure not to exceed a daily profit of $2,000 on any of your trading days.

Having more than the 20% one will not lead to the account suspension instead payout will be postponed until the following review date and added to the next payout. The rule resets when a payout is sent.  

This helps you Resist the urge for substantial profits in a single day, and focus on achieving profitability gradually over time.By refraining from taking excessive risks and adhering to a consistent growth path, you will ultimately achieve improved financial results and establish a more stable trading career.  

Solid Funding aims to support your success. That's why we provide you with unlimited time to trade your account, eliminating the pressure to take significant risks within a restricted timeframe.

Do you offer student benefits?

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