Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SolidFunding?

We provide a unique opportunity. We enable you to trade genuine capital instantly, without any obligatory waiting period and a fair profit-sharing arrangement. You have the potential to receive funding up to $5 million without undergoing a trading challenge, without bearing responsibility for losses, and with a profit split of up to 90%.

How does SolidFunding makes money?

The fee we charge encompasses account setup, license fees, administrative expenses, and the utilisation of analytics software only.

Being a professional proprietary firm, our revenue is generated through successful and reliable traders who effectively manage our funds. Trading capital provided by our investors is overseen by our in-house trading team as well as profitable traders.Identifying profitable traders and establishing long-term partnerships with them is our top priority.

Do you refund the Account fees?

Refunds are applicable to profitable traders and are processed automatically with the 5th profit spilt. However, refunds will not be issued before that point due to the firm's incurred costs.

Understanding the firm's rules and regulations is crucial before buying an account, as fees are non-refundable in the event the trader changes their decision purchase.

How our Consistency Rule Helps You Become Profitable?

The rule states that the profits of your best trading day should be no more than 20% of your total profits.

Example: If your Payout is $10,000, make sure not to exceed a daily profit of $2,000 on any of your trading days.  

Having more than the 20% one will not lead to the account suspension instead payout will be postponed until the following review date and added to the next payout. The rule resets when a payout is sent.

This helps you Resist the urge for substantial profits in a single day, and focus on achieving profitability gradually over time.By refraining from taking excessive risks and adhering to a consistent growth path, you will ultimately achieve improved financial results and establish a more stable trading career.

Solid Funding aims to support your success. That's why we provide you with unlimited time to trade your account, eliminating the pressure to take significant risks within a restricted timeframe.

Do you offer a scaling plan?

If you achieve a 20% gain on your account by the end of the three months, you will earn a 25% bonus on your initial deposit. With the scaling plan you can manage a maximum of $5M per trader.

Can I trade news?

News trading is not permitted.

Can I use an EA or Robot?

We allow the use of any risk management EA or Trading Bot as long as they are not used in the following ways:
Tick scalping
Reverse arbitrage trading
Latency arbitrage trading
Hedge arbitrage trading

How Much Is The Payout?

Begins at 70% for the initial month, increases to 80% in the second month, and further rises to 85% in the third month. Once you're in profit, your first payout can be requested 30 days after your initial trade, with subsequent payouts scheduled bi-weekly. There is no profit target in order to withdraw your profits.

What are the payout methods available?

You can simply request payouts for any profits that you generate on a
bi-weekly basis ( First payout after 30 days) from your dashboard and we will process your payment as quickly as possible (usually within 8 hours). Currently, you can withdraw your profits in BTC directly into your wallet or we can wire transfer it your bank.There is no profit target in order to withdraw your profits.

What is the maximum lot size?

We do not have any lotsize restrictions.

What payment methods are available?

We accept major credit and debit cards issued by VISA or MasterCard.  Crypto is available as an alternative payment method for our customers.

Do you require a stop loss?

Stop loss is not required however we recommend it.

Am I responsible for any loss?

When trading with Solid funding, you are not responsible for any losses incurred. This arrangement enables you to earn substantially more with minimal risk.

Do I need to close my positions overnight or weekends?

No, you do not need to close your positions overnight. We allow you to hold positions overnight and on weekends.

What happens if I violate the rules?

If you breach any trading rules, your account will be terminated, and you won't be eligible for profit spilt. Any ongoing trades will be automatically closed, your account will lose its trading privileges. To regain access and continue receiving funding, you'll need to reset your funded trading account. You can reset the account immediately using a special discount code.

What happens if I’m not profitable?

As long as you following  the 5% daily and 10% total drawdown rule, you can retain your account, even if you incur losses.

Is there any prohibited trading strategy?

We embrace diverse trading approaches that can be replicated in real market conditions.

Here is a list of styles that are prohibited within our program:
Copy Trading from Third-Party Signals
Account Sharing or Account Sale
Martingale Trading
High-Frequency Trading (HFT)
Arbitrage Trading (Latency or Reverse)
Grid Trading
Collusion Between Users
Use of a Delayed Data Feed
Trading on Delayed Charts
Hedging or Group Hedging Across Multiple Accounts
News Trading

While this list doesn't cover all tactics violating our trading policies, these are the most common ones we've observed traders attempting to exploit.

If any account is found using unfair strategies or unrealistic trading styles, their account will be suspended.

Which broker do you trade with?

We use Ospreyfx as our broker.

Which platforms can I use for my trading?

You can choose between MT4 or MT5.

How can I trade using Mobile Device?

You can Download MT4 or MT5 to trade on mobile device.

What Instruments and Leverages are Available?

You can trade Forex, Metals, Commodities, Indices, Energies and Cryptocurrency.
Below is a breakdown of the leverage available across different assets:   1:100 - Forex & Crypto  
1:200 - Metals, Indices & Energies

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